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Author Topic: Common Names / Scientific Names  (Read 3904 times)
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« on: September 23, 2009, 18:52:39 PM »

  • California Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula californiae
    Albino Cali Kingsnake    Lampropeltis g. californiae
    Dot-Dash Cali Kingsnake    Lampropelitis g. californiae
    Prairie Kingsnake    Lampropelitis calligaster calligaster
    Eastern Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula getula
    Brooks Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula brooksi
    Mole Kingsnake    Lampropelitis calligaster rhombomaculata
    Florida Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula floridana
    Durango Mountain Kingsnakes    Lampropelitis mexicana greeri
    Goins Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula goini
    Speckled Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula holbrooki
    South Florida Mole Kingsnake    Lampropelitis calligaster occipitolineata
    Black Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula nigra
    Mexican Black Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula nigrita
    Desert Kingsnake    Lampropelitis getula splendida
    Variable Kingsnake    Lampropelitis mexicana
    Gray Banded Kingsnake    Lampropelitis alterna
    Arizonia Mountain Kingsnake    Lampropelitis pyromelana pyromelana
    Utah Mountain Kingsnake    Lampropelitis pyromelana infralabialis
    Conant's Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum conanti
    Ruthenn's Kingsnake    Lampropelitis ruthveni
    Eastern Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum triangulum
    Dixon's Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum dixoni
    Louisiana Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum amaura
    Scarlet Kingsnake    Lampropelitis triangulum elapsoides
    Mexican Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum annulata
    Jalisco Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum arcifera
    Blanchard's Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum blanchardi
    Pueblan Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum campbelli
    New Mexico Milksnake    Lampropelitis triangulum celaenops

    Indian Python    Python molorus molorus
    Macklot's Python    Liasis mackloti
    Childrens Python    Antaresia childreni
    Spotted Python    Antarresia maculosa
    Black-headed Python    Aspidites melanocephalus
    Ringed Python    Bothrichilus boa
    Pygmy Python    Antaresia perthensis
    Burrowing Python    Calabaria reinhardtii
    White Lipped Python    Leiopython albertisii
    Boelen's Python    Liasis boeleni
    Jungle Carpet Python    Morelia spilota cheynei
    Coastal Carpet Python    Morelia spilota mcdowelli
    Inland Carpet Python    Morelia spilota metcalfei
    Olive Python    Liasis olivaceus olivaceus
    Amethystine Python    Morelia amethystina
    Centralian Python    Morelia bredli
    Rough Scaled Python    Morelia carinata
    Diamond Python    Morelia spilota spilota
    Green Tree Python    Morelia viridis
    Ball Python    Python regius
    Reticulate Python    Python reticulatus
    Timor Python    Pyhton timorensis
    Rock Python    Python sebae
    Borneo Blood Python    Python curtus
    Malaysian Blood Python    Python curtus curtus
    Burmese Python    Python molurus bivittatus
    Suratram Blood Python    Python curtus curtus

    Common Boa    Boa constrictor imperator
    True Redtail Boa    Boa constrictor constrictor
    Hogg Island Boa    Boa contrictor ssp
    Dumeril Boa    Boa dumereli
    Argentine Boa    Boa constrictor occidentalis
    Madagascar Tree Boa    Boa mandrita
    Madagascar Grond Boa    Boa madagascariensis
    Pacific Tree Boa    Candoia bibronii
    Pacific Ground Boa    Candoia carinata
    Calabar Burrowing Boa    Charina reinhardtii
    Rosy Boa    Charina trivirgata
    Rubber Boa    Charina bottae
    Cooks Tree Boa    Corallus hortulanus cooksi
    Emerald Tree Boa    Corallus caninus
    Cuban Boa    Epicrates angulifer
    Brazilian Rainbow Boa    Epicrates cenchria cenchria
    Rainbow Boa    Epicrates cenchria crassus
    Rainbow Boa    Epicrates cenchria assisi
    Rainbow Boa    Epicrates cenchria polylepsis
    Rainbow Boa    Epicrates cenchria hygrophilus
    Columbian Rainbow Boa    Epicrates cenchria maurus
    Brown Sand Boa    Eryx johnii
    Haitian Boa    Epicrates striatus
    Desert Sand Boa    Eryx miliaris
    Rough-scaled Sand Boa    Eryx conicus
    Egyptian Sand Boa    Eryx colubrinus

    Corn Snake    Elaphe guttata guttata
    Snow Corn snake    Elaphe guttata
    Ghost Cornsnake    Elaphe guttata
    Creamsicle Cornsnake    Elaphe guttata
    Fantasy Corn    Elaphe guttata x E. o. spiloides
    Amelanistic Fantasy Cornsnake    E. guttata x E.o. spiloides
    Amelanistic Cornsnake    E. guttata
    Candy Corn    Elaphe guttata
    Motley Corn snake    Elaphe guttata
    Western Fox Snake    Elaphe vulpina
    Black Rat Snake    Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta
    Great Plains Rat Snake    Elaphe guttata emoryi
    Yellow Rat Snake    elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata
    Everglades Rat Sanke    elaphe obsoleta rossalleni
    Baird’s Rat Snake    Elaphe bairdi
    Eastern Fox Snake    Elaphe gloydi
    Taxas Rat Snake    Elaphe obsoleta lindheimerii
    Gray Rat Snake    Elaphe obsoleta spiloides
    Trans-pecos Rat Snake    Elaphe subcularis
    Green Rat Snake    Elaphe triaspis
    Ladder Rat Snake    Elaphe scalaris
    Leopard Rat Snake    Elaphe situla
    Mandarin Rat Snake    Elaphe mandarina
    Four-lined Rat Snake    Elaphe guauorlineata
    Aesculapian Rat Snake    Elaphe longissima
    Amur "Russian" Rat Snake    Elaphe schencki
    Radiated Rat Snake    Elaphe radiata
    Chinese Twin-spotted Rat Snake    Elaphe bimaculata
    Steppes Rat Snake    Elaphe dione
    Trinket Rat Snake    Elaphe helena
    Diones Ratsnake    Elaphe dione
    Diadem Ratsnake    Spalerosophis diadema cliffordi

    Western Ribbon Snake    Thamnophis proximus proximus
    Peninsula Ribbon Snake    Thamnophis sauritus sackenii
    Bluestripe Ribbon Snake    Thamnophis sauritus nitae
    Butler’s Garter Snake    Thamnophis butleri
    Western Blackneck Garter Snake    Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis
    Eastern blackneck Garter Snake    Thamnophis cyrtopsis ocellatus
    Wandering Garter Snake    Thamnophis elegans vagrans
    Mexican Garter Snake    Thamnophis eques
    New Mexican Garter Snake    Thamnophis sirtalis dorsalis
    Checkered Garter Snake    Thamnophis marcianus marcianus
    Northwestern Garter Snake    Thamnophis ordinoides
    Eastern Garter Snake    Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis
    Blue Striped Garter Snake    Thamnophis sirtalis similis
    Plains Garter Snake    Thamnophis radix
    Texas Garter Snake    Thamnophis sirtalis annectens
    Red-sided Garter Snake    Thamnophis sirtalis partietalis

    Bullsnake     Pituophis melanoleucus sayi
    Northern Mexican Pine Snake    Pitouphis deppi jani
    Sanoran Gopher Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus affinis
    Louisiana Pine Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus ruthveni
    Florida Pine Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus
    Black Pine Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi
    Northern Pine Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus
    Pacific Gopher Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus catenifer
    San Diego Gopher Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus annectens
    Baja Gopher Snake     Pituophis melanoleucus bimaris
    Mexican Pine Snake    Pitouphis deppi deppi

    Sanoran Spotted Whiptail    Cnemidophorus sanorae
    Western Whiptail    Cnemidophorus tigris
    California Whiptail    Cnemidophorus tigris mundus
    Plateau Striped Whiptail    Cnemidophorus velox
    Checkered Whiptail    Cnemidophorus tesselatus complex
    Orange-throated Whiptail    Cnemidophorus hyperythrus
    Western Hog Nose    Heterodon nasicus nasicus
    Eastern Hog Nose    Heterodon platyrhinos
    Dusty Hognose Snake    Heterodon nasicus gloydi
    Mexican Hognose Snake    Heterodon nasicus kennerlyi
    Six-lined Racerunner    Cnemidophorus sexlineatus
    Prairie Racerunner    Cnemidophorus sexlineatus viridis

    Day Geckos    Phelsma
    House Gecko    Hemidactylus frenatus
    Leopard Gecko    Eublepharius macularius
    White-lined Gecko    Gekko vitatus
    Banded Gecko    Coleonyx variegatus
    Yellowhead Gecko    Gonatodes albogularis
    Mediterranean Gecko    Hemidactylus turcicus
    Barefoot Gecko    Coleonyx switaki
    Wall Gecko    Tarentola mauritanica
    Brook's Gecko    Hemidactylus brooki
    Tokay Gecko    Gekko gecko
    Flying Gecko    Ptycozoon lionatum
    Leaf-tailed Gecko    Phyllurus / Uroplatus
    Turkish Gecko    Hemidactylus turcicus
    Sand Gecko    Teratoscincus scncus
    Reef Gecko    Sphaerodactylus notatus
    Ocellated Gecko    Sphaerodactylus argus
    Barefoot Gecko    Coleonyx switaki
    Moorish Gecko    Terentola mauritanica
    Roughtail Gecko    Cyrtopodion scabrum
    Texas Banded Gecko    Coleonyx brevis
    Leaf-toed    Phyllodactylus xanti
    Frog-eyed Gecko    Teratoscincus scincus
    Fat-tailed Gecko    Hemitheconyx caudicinctus
    Flat-tailed Geckos    Afroedura transvaalica
    New Caledonian Giant Gecko    Rhacodactylus leachianus
    Crocodile Gecko    Tarentola mauretanicus
    Gliding Gecko    Ptychozoon lionotum
    Fan-toed Rock Gecko    Ptyodactylus hasselquisti
    Bibron's Gecko    Pachydactylus bibroni
    Fan-toed Gecko    Ptyodactylus puiseuxi
    Turnip Tailed Gecko    Thecadactylus rapicaudus
    Helmeted Gecko    Geckonia chazaliae
    Texas Banded Gecko    Coleonyx reticulatus
    Asian Flat-tailed Gecko    Cosymbotus platyurus
    Tropical House Gecko    Hemidactylus mabouia
    Madagascar Big Headed Gecko    Paroedura pictus
    Ocelot Gecko    Paroedura pictus
    Ocellated Gecko    Sphaerodactylus argus

    Green Iguana    Iguana Iguana
    Desert Iguana    Diposaurus dorsalis
    Helmeted Iguana    Corythophanes cristatus
    Spiny-tailed Iguana    Ctenosaura
    Rock Iguana    Cyclura nubila
    Marine Iguana    Amblyrhynchus cristatus
    Galapogos Land Iguana    Conolophus pallidus
    Rhinoceros Iguana    Cyclura cornuta
    Green Basilisk    Basiliscus plumifons
    Brown Basilisk    Basiliscus basiliscus

    Veiled Chameleon    Chamaelo calyptratus
    Madagascar Forest Chameleon    Chamaelo campani
    Flap-necked Chameleon    Chamaelo dilepis
    Short-horned Chameleon    Chamaelo brevicornis
    Four-horned Chameleon    Chamaelo quadricornis
    Giant Jewelled Chameleon    Chamaelo lateralis major
    Jewelled Chameleon    Chamaelo lateralis
    Tiny Ground Chameleon    Brookesia minima
    Oustalet’s Chameleon    Chamaelo oustaleta
    Panther Chameleon    Chamaelo pardalis
    Parson’s Chameleon    Chamaelo parsonii
    Rainforest Chameleon    Chamaelo balteatus
    Rhinoceros Chameleon    Chamaelo rhinoceratus
    Senegal Chameleon    Chamaelo senegalensis

    Brown Anole    Anolis sagrei
    Green Anole    Anolis carolinensis
    Bark Anole    Anolis distichus
    Puerto Rican Crested Anole    Anolis cristatellus
    Knight Anole    Anolis equestris
    Largehead Anole    Anolis cybotes
    Jamaican Giant Anole    Anolis garmani

    Savannah Monitor    Varanus exanthematicus
    White's Monitor    Varanus baritji
    Bengal Monitor    Varanus bengalensis
    Short-tailed Monitor    Varanus brevicauda
    White-throat Monitor    Varanus albigularis
    Dumeril's Monitor    Varanus dumerili
    Black Tree Monitor    Varanus beccarii
    Rough-necked Monitor    Varanus rudicollis
    Sand Monitor    Varanus flavirufus
    Blue-tailed Monitor    Varanus doreanus
    Long-tailed Rock Monitor    Varanus glebopalma
    Gould's Monitor    Varanus gouldii
    Desert Monitor    Varanus griseus
    Water Monitor    Varanus salvator
    Mangrove Monitor    Varanus indicus
    Australian Spotted Tree Monitor    Varanus scalaris
    Peach-throat Monitor    Varanus jobiensis
    Lace Monitor    Varanus varius
    Komodo Dragon    Varanus Komodoensis
    Merten's Water Monitor    Varanus mertensi
    Nile Monitor    Varanus niloticus
    Green Tree Monitor    Varanus prasinus

    Black and Yellow Tegu    Tupinambis teguixin
    Black Banded Tegu    Tupinambis longilineus
    Black and White Tegu    Tupinambis merianae
    Dwarf Tegu    Callopistes maculatus

    Crevice Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus poinsettii
    Western Fence Lizard    Sceloporus occidentalis
    Blue Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus cyanogenys
    Sagebrush Lizard    Sceloporus graciosus
    Eastern Fence Lizard    Sceloporus undulatus
    Mountain "Yarrows" Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus jarrouil
    Clark Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus clarkii
    Desert Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus magister
    Florida Scrub Lizard    Sceloporus woodi
    Blue Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus serrifer
    Canyon Lizard    Sceloporus merriami
    Texas Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus olivaceus
    Granit Spiny Lizard    Sceloporus orcutti

    Green Lacerta Lizard    Lacerta viridis
    Eyed Lizard    Lacerta lepida
    Wall Lizard    Lacerta muralis
    Sand Lizard    Lacerta agilis

    Ocellates Skink    Chalcides ocellatus
    Five-lined Skink    Eumeces fascianatus
    Four-lined Skink    Eumeces tetragrammus
    Southern Five-lined Skink    Eumeces inexpectatus
    African Striped Skink    Mabuya striata
    Many-lined Skink    Eumeces multivirgatus
    Shingle-back Skink    Trachydosaurus rugosus
    Cunningham's Skink    Egernia cunninghami
    Sand Skink    Scincus scincus
    Berber's Skink    Eumeces algreiensis
    Coal Skink    Eumeces anthracinus
    Blue-tounged Skink    Tiliqua nigrolutea / scincoides
    Mountain Skink    Eumeces callicephalus
    Mole Skink    Eumeces egregius
    Great Plains Skink    Eumeces obsoletus
    Small Sand Skink    Neoseps reynoldsi
    Sand Skink    Eumeces schnederi
    Ground Skink    Scincella lateralis
    Prairie Skink    Eumeces septentrionalis
    Western Skink    Eumeces skiltonianus

    Chinese Water Dragons    Physignathus Cocincinus
    Australian Water Dragons    Physignathus lesueurii
    Toad-headed Agamid    Phrynocephalus neydensis
    Bearded Dragon    Pogona vitticeps

    Texas Horned Lizard    Phyrnosoma cornutum
    Desert Horned Lizard    Phrynosoma platyrhinos
    Coast Horned Lizard    Phrynosoma coronatum
    Roundtail Horned Lizard    Phyrnosoma modestum
    Mountain Short Horned Lizard    Phyrnosoma douglassii hernandesi
    Eastern Short Horned Lizard    Phyrnosoma douglassii brevirostre

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Posts: 7862
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Enjoy RC any problems PM me

« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 01:41:58 AM »

I'm sure there's a lot more we all could add to list, please PM common/Scientific names and I will add them.

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