Welcome to 'Irelands Reptile Community'

Firstly thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy the forum but as with everything there are some RULES

1> No swearing, This not be tolerated on this child friendly forum
2> No sexual/verbal abuse, No illegal material may be posted
3> No Slander/slagging about other people on any issue, No personal attacks on other members
4> No Sexual Pictures or links to anything not child friendly
5> No other forum/website advertising naming or linking
6> Keep posts on topic ('off herp' is available for all other) and threads / posts will be removed
7> Do not post about other peoples deals / business affairs whether private or shops
8> If you are a shop or in the reptile business by any means you must pass your details onto Admin and have a shop/business account on RC, all reptile shops and business are welcome, but there are no exceptions to this rule.
9> No topic/posts about live feeding! We beleive it to be Animal Cruelty, topics/posts will be removed or edited!

These are the guidelines but please beware we like the younger generation of herpers on the forum and if you have a problem with a post click the report button on the forum and as for rule 3 if you have a problem pm or email it please keep it off site and remember keep the posts about what they about! Depending on what you have done if you break the rules we have no problem banning anyone to keep RC a friendly reptile forum but we hope everyone respects why we have these rules so that never happens.

This is a private website, there is no "right" to freedom of speech, We, the Admins and moderators do want to promote discussion but free un-moderated discussion online turns into a screaming match between children. Shouting about how we have infringed your "freedom of speech" on a privately owned website is silly and will get you no where, what you aren’t entitled to is access to the community we have built here without abiding by the community's rules.

We have a warning system in place for all members, if you break the rules any of the RC team can issue you a warning, this will be emailed to you and will incur you being placed on a watch list, depending what you have done we will issue points in multiple's of 10 upto 100, receive 100 points you automatically on a posting ban, your points decrease 10 points a day if you don't break rules further.  

If these aren’t to your liking there are other websites perhaps better suited to your needs and tastes but we believe these form a reasonable, rational, mature basis for everyone to chat discuss laugh debate joke banter and interact with each other in a friendly manner.

Please also remember the agreement you signed up too.

All this said please enjoy Ireland Reptile Community